If managing tax is in our blood, then solving business problems is in our DNA. As a business owner, what you need is a trusted adviser who runs at your speed and can help take your business to the next level. Many businesses are started by people who are technical experts or passionate about their craft, but this is only half the equation. To build a successful and self-sustaining business, there are many other areas that need to be addressed. To this end, we help fill in the spaces, whether we do it ourselves or find the right person who can. We have helped countless clients navigate through the various challenges the business environment throws up. Some of the areas that we can help are:

Management consulting

  • Understanding of business model and value proposition of business
  • Identification of key business drivers and ability to impact overall profitability
  • Develop cashflow budgets to analyse income/expenditure for financial year
  • Cost management and reduction
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Develop a chart of account, job costing, time billing, activity analysis, and other categorisations to help collect financial information in manner to facilitate decision-making process by business owners
  • Assistance with retirement/succession planning
  • Development of 3-way financial reporting system
  • Business valuations

Systems, processes, and business commercialisation

  • Business coaching
  • Transitioning from employee to self-employment
  • Commercialisation of ideas
  • Process engineering

Information, Communication, and Technology

  • Software selection and implementation
  • Software development
  • Change management

Other services provided through our partner network

  • Web site development
  • Branding and logo development
  • Sales and marketing plans and initiatives
  • Social media management